University of Asia Pacific

University Of Asia Pacific

Category : Education & Career | Division : Dhaka | City : Dhaka-sadar | Area : Green Road

Intellectual and creative talents are more vital to economic and social progress now than at any other time in history. Talented people choose where to live based on two considerations: professional opportunity and quality of life as measured by a combination of physical, social and cultural assets. Countries that hope to compete for talent must offer high-value jobs, but they must also offer great schools, great parks and cultural venues, safe and attractive neighborhoods, a strong urban core, and an attitude of openness that welcomes diversity and sees strength in human differences.

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University of Asia Pacific

Address : 74/A , Green Road, Dhaka - 1215, Bangladesh

Division : dhaka

City : dhaka-sadar

Area : Green Road

Category : Education & Career

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Mobile / Phone : +8802-58157091-4, +8802-58157096

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