Fair Service Ambulance

Fair Service Ambulance

Category : Health & Medicine | Division : Rajshahi | City : Rajshahi | Area : Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Rajshahi - Bangladesh.

Ground transportation and the provision of medically necessary supplies and services, including BLS ambulance services as defined by the State. The ambulance must be staffed by an individual who is qualified in accordance with State and local laws as an emergency medical technician - basic (EMT-Basic). BLS provides techniques and skills included in an EMT basic training course to individuals as they are transported to the nearest hospital.

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Fair Service Ambulance

Address : Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Rajshahi - Bangladesh.

Division : rajshahi

City : rajshahi

Area : Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Rajshahi - Bangladesh.

Category : Health & Medicine

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Mobile / Phone : +880-721-772702, +880-721-774224

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