D R Fitness

D R Fitness

Category : Recreation & Fitness | Division : Dhaka | City : Dhaka-sadar | Area : Nikunja- 2

Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort holds a vested interest towards the health of all those it comes into close association with. Enjoy a total body workout at our very own state-of-the-art health club, DR Fitness. Whether you wish to do strengthening exercises or cardiovascular workout, our multi-gym with steam & sauna constitutes of some of the latest equipments of the season set in a comfortable environment that allows you to pace yourself according to your individual need. Our trainers will be by your side at the drop of a hat to ensure that you do not strain yourself too far as well as that you achieve the best to your ability during each session.

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D R Fitness

Address : Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort, Airport Road, Nikunja 2, Dhaka- 1229, Bangladesh

Division : dhaka

City : dhaka-sadar

Area : Nikunja- 2

Category : Recreation & Fitness

Contact Person :

Mobile / Phone : 028900250-9, EXT 1414

Email : info@dhakaregency.com

Website : www.dhakaregency.com/dr.html

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